Dance “La Cuchara Panda”

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Dance of “La Cuchara Panda”, El Viejo, Chinandega

Every August 15, in El Viejo, Chinandega, thousands of “promesantes” (people who fulfills a pious promise, usually in a religious procession) are ready to perform the traditional dance of La Cuchara Panda.

With the entrance of the “motetes” (packages) and the show of priostes (Butler of a brotherhood or brotherhood) of San Roque, and to the sound of the philharmonic bands, the spectacle of the dancers begins, who dance rhythmically in pairs forming a circle, in the center the lady Butler carries the small image of San Roque Guerrero.

The crowns and “motetes” cannot be lacking in the clothing of the promisers; these are the personal gifts the priostes give to the dancers of their sympathy, and according to the rule, the one who obtains more “motetes” and crowns will be the next butler.

To the sound of the philharmonic bands, priostes or promesantes pays tribute to San Roque Guerrero with the traditional dance of La Cuchara Panda

This consists of dancing rhythmically in pairs, within the used clothing stand the traditional motetes and crowns. The motetes symbolize the offer of the dancers to the visitors.

The dancers form a circle, each couple dances at their own pace, waiting for the steward or steward to start delivering the statue of the saint to each of the participants, to which they reverently bows.

While they perform this traditional dance the dancers shout: ¡Viva El Viejo! ¡Viva San Roque! ¡Viva San Roque Guerrero! ¡Viva El Viejo y sus tradiciones!

This tradition arises because every August 15, the natives gathered in the square to pay homage with dances and fruits to Cacique (chief) Agateyte.

It is customary that from August 15, the mayordomos accompanied by their priostes perform the traditional dance of La Cuchara Panda, with the exit of every San Roque statue.