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General Information
The municipality of Villanueva as the Law of Administrative Policy Division published in the Official Gazette in October 1989 and April 1990 belongs within the Department of Chinandega.

Villanueva Township is located in the northeastern department of Chinandega.
Name of Municipality Villanueva
Department of Chinandega
Date of establishment: 1900
Territorial Extension 779.88 km²

Geographic Reference
The municipal seat is located 186 kms. From Managua.
Geographical position is located between 12 ° 58 '48 "north latitude and 86 ° 49' 55" west longitude.

North: San Francisco and Somotillo.
South: with the municipalities of Chinandega and the Larreynaga and Telica (Department of León).
East: Municipality of San Juan de Limay (Department of Estelí) and the municipalities of El Sauce and Achuapa (Dept. of Leon).
West: Municipality of Somotillo.

The total population of 27.036 inhabitants (estimated figures based on census population in 95 of INEC).

The climate is tropical dry and warm with random summer rains. It belongs to the western region of tropical savanna climate characterized by a marked dry season of 4-6 months, confined to the months of November to April. Rainfall varies from a minimum of 500 mm. up to 2.000 mm.

The first historical records of the existence of VILLANUEVA, dates from the mid eighteenth century, its original name was "Villa de Navias." After independence was named as Villanueva, the name was also for the river "Aqueslapa" Nahuatl word meaning "river that has a lot of Guapotes." (Guapote is a kind of fresh water fish)

Villanueva was in past times a renowned mining region, but for different reasons at the time, its ores were abandoned.

The Church of the municipal and some buildings are the architectural style prevalent in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Traditions and culture
The patron saint of the municipality of Villanueva is El Señor de Esquipulas on January 10 of each year. Also celebrated Saints Peter and Paul. These festivals are celebrated with horse races.

It is also celebrated as a traditional activity, the Independence with the ride of the flag that symbolizes the custody of the national flag.