Santo Tomás

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Santo Tomás del Nance

General Information
Name of Municipality or Santo Tomás del Nance or Santo Tomás del Norte.
Department of Chinandega.
Date of establishment April 9, 1889.
Santo Tomas geographical position, is located between the coordinates
13 ° 11 'north latitude and 86 ° 55' west longitude.

North: Municipality of Cinco Pinos
South: Municipality of Somotillo
East: City of Cinco Pinos
To the west: Republic of Honduras.
Territorial extent 50 km. ²

The municipality is characterized by a tropical savannah climate with a marked dry season of 4-6 months in the period November to April. This weather does not permit the maintenance of dense forests, predominantly the vast plains of grass. The average annual temperature is 30 C., with an annual rainfall of 800 to 1.500 mm.

The total population of the municipality are: 7.347, according to Municipal Information System.
Urban Population: 1400 inhabitants
Rural Population: 5947 inhabitants
Population density 168.32 hab. / Km ².

According to the history of Santo Tomas del Nance, there are no data supporting its supposed Indian origin.
This town has more than 100 years of belonging to the Department of Chinandega, originally known as Santo Tomás del Norte de Chinandega.
The municipality together with the municipalities of San Pedro de Potrero Grande and
Santo Tomas del Nance, were created by the same legislative law issued by Congress and signed by President Evaristo Carazo on 9th of April 1889, which in its Article quotes: "hereby declared villages in the valleys of Potrero Grande, Cuajiniquilapa and Nance, the
Chinandega department and referred to: San Pedro de Potrero Grande, Santo Tomas and San Francisco de Cuajiniquilapa".

Traditions and culture
The main religious festival that takes place in Santo Tomás is in honor of the day of the Holy Cross and takes place from 2 to 4 May of each year.
The township has a parish church that is more than a century old and is it considered by its residents as an ancient architectural gem.