San Pedro

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San Pedro de Potrero Grande

General Information
Name of Municipality: San Pedro de Potrero Grande or San Pedro del Norte.
Department of Chinandega
Date of Foundation: April 9, 1889.

Geographical Position
The municipality of San Pedro del Norte is located between coordinates 130 16 north latitude and 860 52 west longitude.

Bordered on the north by the Republic of Honduras.
The south by the municipality of Cinco Pinos.
The east by San Franciscco del Norte and the Republic of Honduras.
The west by the Republic of Honduras.

Territorial Extension: 71.5 km2
Climate and Rainfall
Warm with annual rainfall of 1,200 mm annually.

4.124 inhabitants (INEC-2000)
Urbana 593 inhabitants (14.4% of the population)
Rural 3.531 inhabitants (85.6% of the population)
Population Density 57.6 inhabitants per km2
Distance from the capital 240 km

Main Economic Activities
Agricultural activities, basic grains and a subsistence economy.

The township of San Pedro de Potrero Grande or San Pedro del Norte, according to the Administrative Law Division Policy published in October 1989 and April 1990 belongs to the Department of Chinandega.
The municipality is located in the northern sector of the department of Chinandega and after the island town of Corinto, is the smallest among all others in the department of Chinandega.
The municipality known as "San Pedro del Norte", also called "San Pedro de Potrero Grande" under the law of April 9, 1889.

Tradition and culture
San Pedro celebrates on March 25 the party in honor of Virgen de la Asunción (Our Lady of the Assumption), also they celebrate the patron saints of the municipality Peter and Paul.
The town has a small parish church, with a stylish exterior tower constitutes its best ornament.

San Pedro del Norte has no twinning relationship with another country, but the relationship has a Religious organization that provides support Austria in different sectors of the municipality.