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San Francisco de Cuajiniquilapa

The City of San Francisco de Cuajiniquilapa or San Francisco del Norte, according to the Act published in Administrative Policy Division October 1989 and April 1990, belongs to the Department of Chinandega.

The municipality occupies the west territory of the department and its head city bears his name.

Name of Municipality of San Francisco de Cuajiniquilapa o San Francisco del norte.

Department of Chinandega
Date of establishment April 9, 1889
Territorial Extension 120.31 km ²

Geographic Reference
The county seat is located to 240 kms. Managua.

Geographical Position
The territory of San Francisco is located between the coordinates 13 ° 12 'north latitude and 86 ° 46' longitude West.

North: Republic of Honduras.
South: Municipalities of Somotillo and Villanueva.
East: City of San José de Cusmapa (Department of Madriz) and the municipality of San Juan de Limay (Department of Estelí).
West Municipalities of Cinco Pinos and San Pedro del Norte.

Total: 6.510 Population (Projected Population INEC 2000).
Urban population: 746 inhabitants (11.0%)
Rural Population: 5.764 inhabitants (89.0%)

The municipality together with the municipalities of San Pedro de Potrero Grande and Santo Tomas del Nance, were created by the same legislative law issued by Congress and signed by President Evaristo Carazo on 9th of April 1889, which in its Article quotes: "hereby declared villages in the valleys of Potrero Grande, Cuajiniquilapa and Nance, the Chinandega department and referred to: San Pedro de Potrero Grande, Santo Tomas and San Francisco de Cuajiniquilapa ".

For its size, San Francisco del Norte ranks eighth in the department and the tenth of its population.

Tradition and culture
The main religious festival held in San Francisco is El Señor de los Milagros (the Lord of Miracles) from 9 to 12 March each year.