Puerto Morazán

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Puerto Morazán

Name of Municipality Puerto Morazán
Department of Chinandega
Date of establishment November 5, 1946.

Puerto Morazán, is located between latitudes 12 ° 50 'north latitude and 87 ° 10' W

North: Municipality of Somotillo
South: Municipality of El Viejo
East: Municipality of Chinandega and Somotillo
West: City of El Viejo.
Territorial extension 517 km ²

Climate and Precipitation
Tropical Savanna, with rainfall 800 A 1500mm and medium temperature of 27 centigrade
Population 13418 inhabitants.
Population Density 26 Hab/Km2.
The county is located 150 km from the city of Managua.

The municipality was created by Legislative Act November 5, 1946. Both the municipality and its former head, named after General Francisco Morazán, President of the former Federation of Central America. Currently the header is the town of Tonalá.
The town of Morazán, port located on the river of Estero Real, was booming before it was built the rail line that linked to Chinandega. The building of this rail line had a negative impact to the future of the Port, as stated before the town made large trade with El Salvador and other Central American countries, especially Honduras.
Until 1936 this village was called Nacascolo (Indian name) and by Act of June 25, 1936 was designated the name of Morazán.
The Port of Morazán enjoyed great commercial activity and river transportation, especially during the World War of 1936, but once the conflict ended, its importance declined noticeably and it was permanently abandoned as notable port in River Estero Real.

Geographically it is located northwest of the department of Chinandega in western Nicaragua, at a distance of about 150 km from the capital Managua and 10 m.o.s.l.
Its northern territorial boundary is the Rio Estero Real, is located in the southern bank of this river, being the lower areas which are flooded one of the characteristics of its territory. Thus its vegetation is typical of wetlands being a significant potential for soil conservation of the ecosystems of aquatic and terrestrial wildlife. The River Estero Real has been one of the elements that has allowed their relationship and commerce with countries like Honduras and El Salvador, which is not currently exploited.

Tradition and Culture
The main religious festivals are celebrated Puerto Morazan in honor of Virgen del Perpetuo Socorro (Our Lady of Perpetual Help), are celebrated on June 27 every year. It also celebrates the annual feast with a visit to La Virgen de Hato.