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Name of Municipality Posoltega
Department of Chinandega
Date of establishment 1.862
Territorial extension 124 Km ²
Located 116 kms from Managua
Geographic Location Located between 12 ° 33 'north latitude and 86 ° 59' west longitude.

The north by the municipality of Chinandega. The south by the municipality of Quezalguaque. The east by the municipalities of Telica and Quezalguaque. The west by the municipality of Chichigalpa.
Height above sea level 70.55 meters
149.04 km2 area

13.331 inhabitants (based on 1995 census of the municipality)
Urban population 4.189 inhabitants.
Rural population 11.142 inhabitants.
Average annual temperature 27 ° c., With annual rainfall of between 800 and 1,500 mm.
Population density 134 inhabitants. / Km ²
Tropical savanna climate has a marked dry season of six months (November - April)

Posoltega stems from a settlement pre-Hispanic Nahuatl as the root meaning of the name "posolitecatl" it denotes Posoltega is interpreted as: "Neighbors of the Foamy spring", "NEIGHBORS fountain", "Town near the earth that burns ".
Its ancient inhabitants belonged to the tribe or Maribios or Marrabios the indigenous people of the Nagrandanos, located on the slopes of the Casitas volcano.
The move to its present location was possibly due to the rugged terrain and scarcity of water.
Posoltega had another town Posolteguilla . Until the year 1821 belonged to the township of Sutiava, which ended when Nicaragua became a State of the Federal Republic of Central America.
On 21 december 1838, the Department was formed the northwest which included León and Chinandega, divided later in the year 1858 in the departments of Leon and Chinandega. The boundary of the two departments was decided on August 18, 1862.

In its current location Posoltega ranked as the Municipal Head and Posolteguilla became a district of the municipality.
At the time of discovery and colonization, the trading center was established a kind of Posolteguilla tiangue (square market) where there was a beautiful parish church of which still exist of what was the altar and some of the side walls.
Until the 60's, these ruins had on its side walls, 1.50 meters high that were destroyed by people in despite of its historical and cultural value they had.

Local Economy
Posoltega is a mainly agricultural town, the population is engaged in growing sugar cane, peanuts, soybeans, coffee and other grains, has a ground sesame seed huller.

Livestock activity is reduced, with some land of improved pasture and natural grass where there are 950 heads of cattle that are used to produce meat and milk for local consumption and marketing in other areas.