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How to get to Chinandega

Chinandega is located in the northwestern part of Nicaragua. You can arrive from Honduras, El Salvador and from León or Managua.

From El Salvador by private motor boat: To catch the boat from La Unión to Potosí you have to be ready to enter customs in La Unión harbour at 08:30am.
Before getting onboard the boat life vests and raincoats will be handed out, all luggage will be packed away in waterproof bags as a precaution more than for the risk that water will enter water the boat. However, do prepare for an eventual wave splashing!
When leaving La Union a group of islands that belong to El Salvador and Honduras will become more visible. On the way to Potosí it is possible to watch fishermen, busy with their daily fishing routine. In between leaving La Union and entering the harbor of Potosí in Nicaragua the boat will make a stop at on the Island Meanguera to have a cup of coffee and possibility to buy art crafts.
The estimated time of arrival in Potosí is about two hours later. At the customs in Potosí-Nicaragua there is a waiting time of one hour while the procedures for entering Nicaragua are taken care off.
Travel time: 2:00 hours.
Cost: US$ 65.00 per person.

If you plan to stay a couple of days in Potosí a good option is Hotel y restaurante Brisas del Golfo. You can later take a public bus to Chinandega city or arrange a private transfer in Potosí.

From Honduras: Take the Ticabus in San Pedro Sula at 5:00am or in Tegucigalpa at 9:00am or in Choluteca at 11:30am. The bus will arrive in El Guasaule (border with Nicaragua) around 12:30pm. After 1.5 hours you will arrive in Chinandega. The Ticabus goes to León and then to Managua.

From Managua: Take a public bus (chicken bus) or a minibus at Mercado Israel Lewites or at UCA bus station (minibus only) they leave when the minibus is full, the buses leave every hour. The price is around 70 Córdobas (3 dollars).

From León: Take a minibus at La Estación bus station; avoid chicken buses as they will stop every few kilometers and takes about two hours to arrive in Chinandega. The minibuses leave when they are full. The price is around 25 Córdobas (1.15 dollars).

By private car: just follow the signs or check Google maps.