El Realejo

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El Realejo

The City of El Realejo, according to the Administrative Law Division Policy published in October 1989 and April 1990 belongs to the Department of Chinandega, Nicaragua's northwestern region.

General Information
Name of Municipality: El Realejo
Department of Chinandega
Territorial Extension: 104.54 km2
The county seat is located 140 km from the city of Managua.
Geographic Location: Located between latitudes 12 º 32 'north latitude and 87 º 10' West Longitude to 11 kms from the city of Chinandega, head of the Department of Chinandega.

North: Municipality of Chinandega and El Viejo.
South: Municipality of Corinth.
To the east: Municipality of Chinandega and Chichigalpa.
West: City of Corinto.

The municipality's total population is around 10,300 inhabitants, of which 4.276 (41.51%) belong to the urban population and 6.024 (58.49%) to the rural population, has a population density of 98.07 inhabitants per km2.
Altitude 7.5 meters above sea level.

The City of El Realejo is located between the town of Chinandega and the port of Corinto.

It was an old colonial port and shipyard, in their place are seen the ruins of a temple destroyed by pirates in the seventeenth century. This port was for many years the principal maritimal port of Nicaragua, replaced by the port of Corinto. The Municipality of Realejo was founded in 1532.

The territory of El Realejo in colonial times was used as customs, reaching a high economic boom. The main cause of the economic decline of the municipality was the construction of Port of Corinto, consequently resulting in the removal of customs from El Realejo to Corinto, adding to this pirate raids into the urban area, which eventually undermine the economic potential of the municipality.

Environment and Natural Resources
The municipality's climate is dry and warm, has a flat topography, has great natural wealth in its shores by the presence of various marine species to serve as sustenance of the population of the municipality.

El Realejo also contains a number of beautiful places that can be exploited by tourism, since it has beaches. In the plains areas you can see migratory birds that are noted for the beauty of their plumage.

Synthesis of Potential and Potential
The historic ruins of the Convento San Francisco are its main potential:
•The importance of El Realejo as a port in colonial times, could become a tool for tourism development.
•There has been a disorderly growth of the population in the town of THE REALEJO, which allows to consider a town planning scheme.
•Town center's proximity to the wetlands, allowing an enormous tourist potential and productive.

The health conditions of the population does not exist sewer system.
•There is no Management Plan population growth of the city, making it clear that the municipality is not ready for a possible rapid and massive growth of population.
•Almost nonexistent tourist infrastructure, lack of road signs and pedestrian walkways.

External Cooperation and Twinning
El Realejo is twinned with Bremen in Germany, with Los Realejos of Spain and Rotterdam in the Netherlands. They help financially to the Municipality.
They also have relationships with U.S. agencies that provide financial assistance.