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San Juan de Cinco Pinos

The municipality of San Juan from Cinco Pinos according to the Administrative Law Division Policy published in October 1989 and April 1990, belongs to the department of Chinandega, Nicaragua's western region at the foot of the mountain range La Botija. It is one of the smallest municipalities in the department of Chinandega. Occupies part of the north end region of the departmental jurisdiction.

Municipality of San Juan de Cinco Pinos.
Chinandega department.
Date of Establishment 1840
Territorial Extent 60.38 Sq. Km
Distance from Managua 2240 km and distance to Chinandega town 100 km
Geographical position coordinates 13 ° 13 'north latitude and 86 ° 52' west longitude.

North: Municipality of San Pedro del Norte.
South: Municipality of Somotillo.
East: City of San Francisco del Norte.
West: City of Santo Tomás del Norte

Dry, this region belongs to the tropical climate of Savannah and is characterized by a marked dry season of 4-6 months, mainly confined to the months of November to April.
800-1000 mm annual rainfall and an average temperature of 28 ° C. Height above sea level 400 m

6.471 Total Population.
Urban population 1,380.
Rural 5.091.
Population Density 107 inhabitants / km ² (estimated to 2000 figures based on Census 95, INEC)
% 26.1% unemployment.
Local Festival: 9 to 11 of February, celebration in honor of San Caralampio.
Easter, representing Judea scenes on Holy Thursday and Friday.
June 24, feast of St. John, referring to the name of the Municipality: San Juan de Cinco Pinos.

Historical data indicate that the foundation of the municipality of Cinco Pinos dates back to 1870s as a result of migration from Honduras to Nicaragua by the economic crisis faced by the neighboring country.
At that time there was a settlement called "San Juan de Cinco Pinos" located in what is now known as "El Llano". Later the village moved 2 km. east, at the foot of the hill of Cinco Pinos because their previous settlement was a swamp. In the decade of the 50's with the development of cotton plantations in the region of Rancherías, Villa Salvadorita the farmers were displaced from their land to its present location, being called "San Juan de Cinco Pinos".

Tradition and Culture
The patron saint of Cinco Pinos is held in honor of San Caralampio, the festivities are held from 9 to 11 February each year, the festivities include Toro Guaco and chicheros music. Holy Week is celebrated with street scenes representing Judea on holy Thursday and Friday. On June 24 it is celebrated the feast of St. John, referring to the name of the municipality: SAN JUAN DE CINCO PINOS