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The Municipality of Chinandega according to the Division of Political Administrative Law published in October 1989 and April 1990 belongs to the Department of Chinandega.  It is the largest municipality in the department that bears his name. Its importance is because it holds the status of provincial capital.

Comprises the central part of the department, extending over a beautiful and attractive plain, without mountain elevations, irrigated by the river Acome that borns near the city of Chinandega.

General Information:

Name of Municipality: CHINANDEGA
Department: CHINANDEGA
Date of establishment: 1839
Territorial Extension: 686.61 km ²
Geographic reference: is located at 134 kms. Of the city of Managua.
Geographical position: is located between 12 ° 37 'north latitude and 87 ° 07' west longitude.

North: Municipalities of Somotillo and Villanueva.
South: Municipalities of Chichigalpa, Realejo and Posoltega.
To the east: Municipalities of Villanueva and Telica.
To the west: Municipalities of El Viejo and Puerto Morazan.
Population The total population of the municipality is: 118.078 inhabitants. (National Census 1995)

The climate is dry tropical, the same all over the country pacific. The summer period runs from the month of November to April and the rainy season from May to October.
The weather is hot, with average temperatures between 21 ° C. and 30 ° C. and maximum up to 42 ° C. The maximum annual rainfall reaches 2,000 mm. and the minimum between 700 and 800 mm per year.

It is located on an entirely flat surface, crossed by the river Acome, born in the vicinity and crosses to the north, surrounding it completely from the West. Height above sea level 70.42 meters.

The origin of the name CHINANDEGA is derived from the Nagrandana voice or language Nahuatl "Chinantecal" which means "NEIGHBOR OF Chinantlan" and this in turn Chinan provisional daub shed or room and particle indicative of place "Tlan". So CHINANDEGA means "place of tabernacles" or "TEMPORARY ROOM."

The political development of the urban embryo town of Chinandega began with the law of March 30, 1835, it was sent to establish a fair in the town on 8 December. On March 15, 1836, the Constituent Assembly gave CHINANDEGA the title of Villa.

On September 2, 1839, it was awarded the title of City to the town of Chinandega. By legislative ordinance of the Central American confederation, issued on July 17, 1842, the city of Chinandega was designated capital of this political entity.

In April 1898 a violent earthquake occurred attributed to internal convulsions of the neighboring volcano El Viejo or San Cristobal, affecting the city of Chinandega.

CHINANDEGA, also known as "Martyr City" because of the fire he suffered during the war of 1926 constitutional, it’s tragic name was subsequently ratified by the ruins caused in the popular struggle in 1979.

Tradition and Culture
Easter is very busy for the people, you can see the miracles payment of the pledges for the received miracles by thousands of parishioners at each festival. In the period of Easter, it is also very frequent to visit the beaches of Jiquilillo and several rivers.

During the Easter holidays you can appreciate the folk dances: the Gigantona, Pepe Cabezón, accompanied by mortars, rockets, cargas cerradas, triquitracas and other fireworks.

The town of Chinandega is mostly Catholic.

In the municipality there are 3 celebrations in the year:
• The May 17 party in honor of San Pascual, which includes the dance of the Mantudos.
• On September 24 we celebrate the feast in honor of the Virgin of Mercedes, with its traditional dance of El Torito.
• From 8 to August 16 marks the feast in honor of San Roque, including the traditional dances of La cuchara Panda (“The bended spoon”).
• The festivities of Santa Ana, 10 to 26 July are today very popular and the festivities includes a carnival, Toro encohetado (firework bull), function and procession with the statue of the patron, equestrian parade and carnival the election of the queen of the municipality.

External Cooperation and Twinning
The municipality of Chinandega, is twinned with cities of Leverkusen, Eindhoven, Molins de Rei, Wisconsin. Twinning with these cities provide material and technical assistance.